The Clay County Pachyderm Political/Social Club is an official member club of the National Federation of the Grand Order of Pachyderm Clubs. George Parker originally founded the Pachyderm Club as a place where people could gather to learn about and discuss political issues without rancor. He was regarded as “Mr. Civility” by The St. Louis Post Dispatch.

The National Federation of the Grand Order of Pachyderm Clubs, Inc. is an officially recognized allied organization of the Republican Party. Patterned after civic clubs, Pachyderm Clubs offer programs centered around politics and government. Pachyderm Clubs can be the continuity for the Republican Party from election to election in that unlike the party structure, Pachyderm Clubs remain active all year.

Pachyderm Clubs do not endorse issues nor candidates in contested primary elections. This prohibition provides a neutral forum for the discussion of divisive issues within the Republican Party. In many communities, the Pachyderm Club has become a healing influence within the party and a subtle reminder that Republicans agree on a much larger number of issues than we disagree on.

The Pachyderm Club movement is one of the most practical means by which broad citizen participation in politics may be achieved.

The homepage of the National Pachyderms can be found at

The board of the Clay County Pachyderms can be reached at

If you would like to assist in bailing out the post office our traditional mailing address is:

Clay County Pachyderm Club
PO Box 12531
North Kansas City MO 64116

The Pachyderms meet monthly at the Staley Farms Golf Clubhouse the second Thursday of every month. We have a guest speaker every week that is sure to either entertain or inform, or maybe both. Membership is $35 a person or $60 a couple. Membership is not required to attend the meetings. Meetings cost $10 a person for members and $12 a person for non-members. This includes a drink ticket for a beverage of your choosing and some appetizers.

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